Saturday, November 13, 2004

50 percent of the human population is below average

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That about says it all this time of the year.

If I don't manage to get run over by two SUV drivin' soccer moms fighting over the same parking space on the way into the store to go to work- it's a good day.

I have a theory, it's called "Geo's Time/Intelligence Corollary" which is as follows.........

Simply put-the later it gets in the evening-the dumber customers become. There are exceptions of course, we get some shift workers, etc.

We also get folks that stand directly under the "Restrooms" sign and ask where the bathroom is.

We really enjoy watching guys wander around at 2AM in the morning looking for condoms. I usually try to help these fellas out by telling them that CONDOMS ARE DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THE PHARMACY.

Tips on shopping at a grocery store.......................

Never, never use the customer restroom. Hold it. You don't get to use ours.

Never buy anything out of a bulk or self serve display if it is to be eaten without being cooked first. Trust me on this.

Be nice. If you're an asshole, we have ways to get even. Better for you not to know.

I love working retail...............

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More of the same here.

These folks are making a big marketing mistake, they oughta be going after NASCAR fans.

Think you're a bicycling "hardman"? You ain't as hard as this guy.

Today's pretty bike link. Man, I wish I could win a bazillion dollars on the lottery.

Lance makes millions, but the guys that make peanuts are just as interesting.

I'll never have to worry about this rule. I like the 30 pounds or so of road hugging weight my Surly has.

My friend Ed put a link to this site on Keystone Biking. If I knew how to, I'd return the favor. I'm not much of a computer geek.

Ed takes awesome pics-gotta check out the cross pics :-)

I love this paint scheme. Mike's a pretty cool dude for throwing down big bucks after Meirhaeghe dicked him over.

Cool pic of ladies in Marblehead Massachusetts.......................

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Have a spiffy weekend ya'll....................

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