Friday, November 19, 2004

I'm not from around here.........

I love working in a "dry" state. You can always tell when folks from different states come to shop in PA. They ask where the beer is. You don't have beer? Only in good ole PA

Where the hell is Tipper Gore when ya need her.

This story reminds me off the "plus" size couple that were shopping in our store last night. They didn't realize I was working away in the corner of the store and thought they had the last aisle of the store all to themselves. They were starting to get to the point where they needed to rent a room sooooooooooooo, I dropped a large pewter serving plate onto our tile floor...................

..............From a height of 6 feet or so.
I think they got the message............................ I love night work.

Methane gas is extremely flammable.
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I think I'll show this website to my uncle. He was a sniper over in Vietnam. He also had that "don't mess with me or I'll rip your head off and crap down your neck" look about him. I guess going to Nam will do that to you.

Check this guy's rap sheet out. He weighs 105 pounds. Half of which is pure grain alcohol. He's probably in the outhouse in the above picture.

This cheese sandwich up past 7600 bucks.
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I know why it hasn't gotten moldy in the past ten years. It was made with Kraft american cheese. which we all know doesn't really contain cheese on it's ingredient list.

I'm not really sure how they do this but it's fun. I always was easy to entertain though.

This fella is the redneck dumbass of the day.

This video appeals to my sick sense of humor.

Finally, this just kills me. I'm sure glad he has a good filter.

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