Saturday, November 27, 2004

I'm soooo excited.........

Oh boy, I'm gonna get to ride my bike later today. Yup, gonna go hang out with a bunch of like minded grown men and throw up a lung.

What could be more fun?
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Nothing I can think of...........Bikes RULE

Anybody ever work with someone that smells? No, I don't mean the occasional fart- I mean body odor bad enough to drop a horse from 20 yards. Our store uses a contract service for our floor cleaning and the guy they send us is some 70 year old smelly Russian guy.

This guy speaks no English and is rank. We were discussing how this should be addressed because customers were complaining about how bad he smells. Since the entire night crew knows what a sensitive and caring guy I am-they elected me to try and tell him.

I tried to do the pantomime thing with him- I don't think that worked real well. Trying to explain to someone that they smell bad and not hurt their feelings is kinda hard.

I think the guy was swearing at me in Russian- I go back to work Monday night, if ya'll don't hear from me after then-the guy probably put a Russian mob hit on me.

I don't give a shit what anybody says, these are the most beautiful bikes on the planet.

I'm a tire junkie and these are givin me a woodie.
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Read the article here.

When I'm a rich bastard-I'm going here for a vacation. I can go to Ireland as well and trace my roots and find out why all my forefathers were a bunch of troublemakers.

Check out the "what we recommend" section of this site. WTF?????

I wonder how much ya get for 25 bucks?

Ebay dumbass of the day. Figures they are a NASCAR fan.

If I ever have the oppurtunity to own gold-I'm not going to have it inserted in my rectum.

On that note-seeya ya'll. Go ride yer bike.

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