Monday, November 15, 2004

Riding makes me think.

Went for a ride Monday AM at Rocky Ridge. This is an awesome time of the year to be riding. No bugs and what sweat you produce evaporates almost instantly.

Couple thoughts went through my head during the ride............

- It's not really too bright to actually ride to Rocky Ridge on a singlespeed. 32x18 gearing meant I was going a blistering 10 mph there and back.

- Why the hell are are county commissioners spending money on this? Didn't they cut the funding to the Parks a couple years ago? Do they all have their heads up their asses?

Lori Mitrick lives near me and shes nice and everything but all I can think is- Have a nice last term-because I can't imagine her getting re-elected

Listening to music while you're riding rocks! I was listening to some vintage 70's stuff. Joe Strummer and the Clash is perfect riding music.

How many more Bush Cabinet officials are gonna hit the road? Kinda scary, I wonder if they know something we don't?
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Pennsylvania needs a site like this. I love this article. It's satire but it's really not that far from the truth.

Only in England. I suppose sheep are next.

Ya gotta get Microsoft Media Player 10.

Bikes would be easy to get off a roof rack on this car.
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This is for the inner geek in all of us. I wonder if you can get a satellite ballcap so you can get all the cable channels.

If one more person says "It's time to make the donuts" to me and truly think they are being funny...... I'm gonna snap . If I had a dollar for everytime somebody said that to me, I'd have enough money to buy me a nice new shiny Taser gun. Not that I'd use it or anything..........

This link isn't even close to being P.C. so if extremely offensive language bothers ya'll-please don't click on this link. The guy sounds a little bitter huh?

This guy doesn't sound bitter about what happened at the Olympics. Great interview with a class rider.

1970's style cyclocross.........
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I dig black and white..........

How big a set of balls would ya need to show up for a ride with this jersey on? About the same size as you would need to ride this stuff. Click on the "Mountain Bike Magic" link. The announcer is a dweeb but the riders have the skills to pay the bills.
............If ya know what I mean.

This is good stuff, but Specialized has had this product out for a couple years. I got some at Gung Ho last year and it works very nicely.

Not trying to plug Gung Ho too much, but Jay and Izzy know their shit and are good guys as well.

Not much on this site that's PC. It's not that bad but you've been warned.

I'm surprised no one has tried this on one of those "Jack Ass" types of shows.

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