Monday, November 22, 2004

Went to fight and a basketball game broke out........

What the hell are these guys thinking? Some of those players gotta get a thicker skin. At least they have some time off to think about what a group of assholes they are.
They are fortunate they haven't been arrested for assualt.
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Are these guys Greco-Roman wrestling, fighting or playing B-Ball?

Monday AM and I have all the bike stuff packed in the van for a rail trail ride-starts to spit rain.

Lovely. I'm such a wuss-I hate to ride in the rain.

Been riding the trainer all week-I think I'm gonna take a mental health day and watch TV. Anybody ever watch Celebrity Poker?
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My son and are addicted to it! I think this might be what my son wants to do for a living.

This is scary.

Lawsuits are flying everywhere. Spim? What the hell is spim? I used to use AOL and in my opinion- AOL itself is a virus. Sure, it's easy to use and all but they are shedding subscribers by the tens of thousands.
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Friends don't let friends use AOL.

This guy has all kinds of free stuff on his site. Clipart,web stuff,etc.

Give somebody a virus for Christmas. Huh? Are they serious?

Hey, it's that time of year. It's time to rush into your local grocery store and buy everything that's not bolted down for Thanksgiving dinner. We always love it when they forecast snow, folks seem to think that grocery store make tons of money during "snow scares"

Not true.

It's takes alot of effort to restock the store after everybody has bought every damn thing we had. I just don't understand the concept of standing in line and buying 150 dollars of shit ya can live without even if ya can't get to a store for a couple days.

Eggs, milk, bread spaghetti sauce and toilet paper.

Take a freakin pill folks. Go to the mini mart or something.

This is no shit, I've seen fights damn near break out over eggs and milk. You can just feel the love.

Man, I'd love to have this kinda control over my eyeballs. Could you imagine the fun you'd have when they take you picture for a passport of drivers lisence? Groovy baby.

This, this is just plain flat out nasty.

This dude wasted a whole bunch a money on a Ferrari.

Pity the poor guy that's gotta drive this truck
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Drinking problem? Nah.

Grain alcohol works too.

Oh yeah, I do believe I have this gene. I know I have the smartass gene.

I wonder how many tight assed York Countians would pop a blood vessel if we had this around here?

Till later................

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