Sunday, November 21, 2004

mmmmm Turdurken

I had an offer last year from my good friend Mike Bega to try this stuff. Shoulda took him up on it, it looks pretty good.
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It's one of those things ya eat and then flop onto the couch and pass out. I work this Thanksgiving so I'll miss all that stuff. Actually this pic I found on the internet kinda looks like a turkey ate a duck and then threw up.

I know Apples are very popular with some folks but jeesh. It's almost like they are throwing money at them. Not a bad problem to have.

Simple. Yeah, sure.

This is a neat story. Too bad about the poor guy getting the crap beat out of him in Pittsburgh. Alot of my wife's family is from that area, it's very nice from what I hear.

This site has quite a few articles concerning world politics today. Some of the stuff is really boring but then again, that's true for alot of things.

I deal with people like this all the time.
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Sometimes I wish I had a holster mounted Taser.

I always wondered where this
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came from.

I like this version better........
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Not that I'd ever say anything like that. Not me.

Changed the site around a little bit. Added a message board, now you can tell be I'm an a**hole right on my site :-)

Ad-Aware has been updated. That program and Spyware Search and Destroy do a good job for me and my computer hacker kids.
...............Just kidding about the hacker part.

I must have a wild hair up my ass. I saw this bike on Ebay and thought it would make a rockin' singlespeeder. I used to own one and the URT rear frame would work awesome as a SSer.
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Plus being carbon it would weigh 25 pounds after taking all the gearie stuff off.
All I need is the money and I'm all set.

This guy has the best blog I've ever read. Start at the beginning and read up to the current entry. Set aside a couple hours or print some of the pages out.
It's worth the read.

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