Thursday, November 25, 2004

Rain, rain.......go the hell away please.

Rain? Well I thought I was gonna go for a ride with my YAMBA buddies. Guess not. Bummer. Looks like another inside ride.

Found this on the internet,it would make a cool sticker.
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This thing is uglier then a freight train.

Couldn't resist putting this banner on the site.
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Well now that the Christmas season is officially here, I'm already tired of Christmas songs. Why? Because our company plays Muzak 24/7 and the channel our store susbribes to must be called " Shitty Christmas Songs for Retail Stores"

They play the same 20 or 30 songs over and over. Ya'll might read about me in the paper before Christmas gets here. I can see the headline now........."Baker snaps at local grocery store and uses a shotgun to shoot out all the Muzak speakers.

I'm not kidding.

Well I guess I am but by the end of the year, I'll have had my fill of listening to "Feed the World". Feed the world?.......... Get a damn job if you're hungry.

I'm on a roll here......... Our company donates thousands of dollars of food every week to local food banks across the state. You know what grinds my ass? When I see the news and some poor family comes to pick up food.............. Mom is in line with her 7 kids and guess what? Mom is smoking!
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Hey mom, why not quit-save the 10 bucks a day in cancer sticks and spend it on your kids.

Or birth control.

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