Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Some observations............

York County has the shittiest drivers in the state hands down...............
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Yesterday I was passed by a woman talking on her cell phone and reading a book. What was scary is I was on my bike and I know she never saw me. Lord knows what she was steering with, I guess her knees. I'm so glad she was driving in the opposite direction or might not be sitting here typing this.

York County also has to have the highest concentration of fat people in the state as well.
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Maybe it's just because I work in a grocery store but it seems that at least half the people I see are seriously overweight. I mean like 50 to 60 pounds "I can't see my nether regions" heavier then they should be.

I can see being 20 or 30 pounds heavy- that sort of thing happens but to let yourself go so far that you waddle side to side like a weeble.............please.

Being that fat is just stupid. Sorry if I hurt anybody's feeling but you know it's true.

What's with cell phone accessories? Why the hell are they so damn expensive? I bought a hard shell holder for my new flip phone and it was 20 bucks. 20 bucks???? I actually asked the guy if it was mispriced. Holy shit.

You know what's worse then hearing the same Christmas songs over and over again?

Hearing the same country and western Christmas songs over and over again.

I guess Nashville must haved missed the memo on the fact that Jesus didn't wear a cowboy hat, drive a pick-up,drink cheap beer or live in a trailer.
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If you see me at work, do me a favor-shoot me.

How come you only see "The Clapper" around this time of the year? Do people actually use these things?

What about the Chia Pet? I actually got one of these for a gift when I was a kid. I could hardly contain my excitement at the prospect of watering a piece of clay for 6 weeks. I think it got chucked without being opened. I'll probably burn in hell for throwing it out but I'm not gonna waste my time watering a clay pig.

This site reminds of when my buddy got his truck stuck in mud up to the door handles.
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There used to be a quarry off of Camp Betty Washington Road and he thought he could make it through a mud puddle. He couldn't. It was more like a mud lake. I think it cost him something like 200 bucks in towing fees plus a fine.

I had some pretty smart friends when I was younger didn't I?

Redneck computer. Vroom.

College is overrated.

Never lose your balls again.

These people are happy, I'd be pissed.

If my kid wanted to go over to a friends house to do this, I'd be happy just knowing he was off the streets and staying out of trouble. Let kids have a little fun.


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