Saturday, November 27, 2004

New toy........

My wife went out and got new cellphones for the whole family today. Mine is gonna be spending most of it's time turned off and stuck in my glove box.

The new phones sure are tiny.
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This is what it looks like sorta. It's barely 3 inches long.

Our daughter has hers all figured out-she asked me if it's okay for her to text message me. Not sure what the point of having text messaging is. If ya have a phone, why type out a message-hell, just call'em up............... What do I know?

Not much, evidently.

Soon after our son was kinda bummed out because he didn't get a phone. Does an 11 year old need a phone? Mmmmmm.... No. We asked him if he wanted an early Christmas present. What 11 year old is gonna say no? So we took him down to Sam's and bought him the X-Box he has been salivating over for the past 3 months.

Awesome ride Saturday, it was just a great time getting outside and riding with friends. Ran into some pycho horse rider- the dude got busted for riding on closed trails and he was looking to start an arguement.

I kept my mouth shut and let Skip do all the talking. I woulda loved it if the guy woulda came off that horse though................

I want one of these to live in.
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would this thing be awesome for Mtbing vacations or what?

I betcha it has one of these............
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This seems like an awful lot of work just to make an Acura into a Ferrari.

What do Scots wear under their kilts? Not much. (not safe for work-loose sausage)

This is a shame. I've been there and he would have had to been quite an athlete to scale the protective railing as it curves inward quite a bit. At least he didn't kill anybody on the ground.

What the heck is this thing thing all about? If I had a dog, I'm not too sure I'd put it in there, it can't be very much fun for the dog.

Oh boy, Christmas dinner at this house oughta be fun. If they are out of jail by then.

Funny commercial. They should make a "filming of the commercial" commercial.

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Not sure what the attraction of paying 5 bucks for a cup of coffee is.

This dude is a badass. He's pretty outspoken but he has the legs to back his mouth up. Like him or not-the guy is one hell of a rider.

I have a friend who could use one of these. Probably a good thing for me to have as well, except I'd forget my code.

I gotta get one of these so I can jack with my father-in-law when he watches 5 TV shows at the same time. He has a good sense of humur, hopefully he won't disown me.

Guy I work with just bought one of these..........
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Totally bad-ass looking car that everybody thinks is a police car.
His has the plain hubcaps so it really looks the part.

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