Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Happy thanksgiving...........

Wow, it hardly feels like Thanksgiving is here. Wasn't just a couple weeks ago that it was still light until 8 at night? Winter sucks.

Been riding inside on my new 5o dollar trainer and while I get to catch up on TV(I tape stuff to watch) riding inside sucks. It doesn't suck as bad as riding outside when it's 35 degrees or dark-so it looks like I'm gonna keep at it.

I love going to Thanksgiving at the in-laws. Let's see....... About a dozen adults and a dozen kids, how could that not be fun?
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My one brother in law talks about stocks and bonds 24/7, my other brother in law says "What's that?" after you say something to him so any conversation you have with him involve saying the same thing twice to him. My sister in law is still pissed 7 years after her husband divorced her.

Good times.

I gotta e-mail this article to my boss. Our company has lots of chiefs and not many Indians. I do the on-site training in my dept. for corporate newbies and they usually have no idea that what we do at store level is as hard as it is.

Say what? This sign must be from New Zealand.
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Hey, How come they didn't have these kind of books when I was a kid?
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Seriously, when I was about 5 or 6 I can remember my mom reading me this book. I remember that the book was taken out of our school library because of the racial overtones. I never understood all that stuff because when I was growing up, one of my best friends was black.

I'm pretty much color blind when it comes to people. People is people.

Today's physics lesson. I read this article and I think the whole test would work a lot better if you had a couple cocktails before ya did it.

I think I posted this pic a couple days ago, this is the story behind it. Ain't technology grand?

I'm not real big on watching commercials, but these are good. My favorite is the "My mom said I could" one.

This game would be fun as hell if I had a cat.

This is a cool picture.

This is one lecture I wish I could have been at.
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I'm a big fan. 45 year old guys aren't supposed to like music like that, but I'm not normal.

Floyd is still the mofo of the mountains. Sure hope this whole thing with Tyler doesn't dick him over for next year. I'm getting to the point where I think Tyler oughta resign from the team (innocent or not) so the rest of the team doesn't go under. I still think he is innocent but c'mon,lets not make 25 other professional cyclists and probably double that amount of support staff pay with their jobs.

Maybe Tyler should order some of these for the UCI boys from Jonny at
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I'm they take these off of live kangaroos?

Interesting article about the new Shimano Dual Control levers. I suppose the author of the article has to be somewhat polite since Shimano spent a shitload of money putting all those guys up for a weekend.

I'd like to test stuff and then write about it. I'd give readers the real deal on what the new stuff is like. If it sucks, it sucks. Maybe some day local bike shops or companies will send me stuff to test...........
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Or not.

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