Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I Hate Winter + Random Thoughts....

I remember why I hate winter. It's cold outside.

Check this bicycle seat out. Looks like the perfect way to freeze your rectum shut on a road ride.

Why do people talk so damn LOUD on cellphones? Is everybody that deaf? It's the same way when you wanna make somebody understand something and they don't speak English. Just say it slower and louder-they'll get the jist of it.

Buy your red wristband here. I used to smoke. What a stupid habit. Spend 5 bucks a day to kill yourself.

These guys are the real deal-send'em a couple bucks.

I think Lance oughta give it a break next year. Wouldn't it be cool if he showed up at the tour with his new motorcycle and a couple 6-packs? Yeah baby.

Screw brakes. I wanna trail like this around here.

Bullshit or not? I sure as hell hope not.

Just in case you're stupid.

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