Sunday, November 14, 2004

Bluegrass music is cool.

Been listening to some new music..................
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Bluegrass is pretty cool if you're in the mood for it.

Got a new set of ear buds today-these puppies rock.

I have all kinds of music in my MP3 player right now.............
AC/DC, The Beach Boys, stuff from the 70's and my guilty pleasure- 80's music.

What the heck were these magazine editors thinking?
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If I were Jessica and Nick- I'd be a little pissed.

These guys have some of the coolest parts.

Anybody up for a drive to Cleveland?
That looks like a whole lotta fun and it's only 6 hours away.

Been busting on George Bush an awful lot lately, I figure I better take at least a poke at Kerry.

Phonak is out of the Pro Tour. If it turns out Tyler is a doper, he sure will disappoint a lot of people. It kinda looks that way right at the moment.

Anybody have an X-Box they wanna sell? Our 11 year old and I were at the mall today playing Halo 2 for a half hour. That's an addictive game.

Anybody ever watch TV Poker? Our son will no doubt be on that in about 10 years.

Not exactly sure what the point of this is, but I do know I wouldn't be standing quite as close as some of those folks are.

How to get shot in the woods.

George Bush's latest plan to help Iraqi become a free country. Works pretty good here, I don't see why it wouldn't work over there as well.

I don't have a BMW, but you don't need one to watch their series of short films. Broadband is a must for this one.

This guy has probably set two records by now. The first one mentioned in this article and the second one being "most time spent on the toilet in a 24 hour period"

Hey Dad, Is it done yet????
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Ed - KeystoneBiking said...

I'm serious about this... Let's Road Trip to Clevland this winter! That park looks great. I already have some photo ideas!

The Donut Guy said...

Hey Ed, I'd be up for it.

Not sure I would do some of those "expert" sections but I'd give it a go on the beginner and intermediate stuff.

All I have is a SS and a hardtail,traded my FS for a road bike but I still think I'd have fun. Heck, I'd have fun just hanging out and watching:-)

My wife has relatives out in that neck of the woods, maybe she might be interested in coming as well so she could visit.