Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Good news and bad news...........

Here's the good news.

And here's the bad news.

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On a lighter note (sorta) I was at work last night when an extremely agitated customer demanded to know why we didn't have cranberry orange muffins.

After she finished chewing my face off for a couple minutes, I determined that she might have had a couple too many cocktails by the way she was swaying back and forth.

Time for Johnny Donut to have some fun :-)

I told her that I would call our company president and try and find out why we didn't have any. Then after she seemed placated by that I started to engage her in more conversation. Turns out she isn't from the area and just stopped by to use our restroom.............

I gave her directions to get back on the highway.........Not sure if she followed them or not. If she did follow them, I wonder how long it took her to realize she was going the wrong way...............

My ass will be riding inside this afternoon- 40 degrees is my cut-off for outside riding. I'd like to ride outside but can't work enough energy to up to suit up in all the clothing required.

Another crazy bike saddle. What the hell part do I sit on?

355 bucks for these? Is somebody seriously gonna buy a set of these? Not me.

Bobby Julich is the man.

Show my friend Ed some love.

Sweet, sweet bike. Probably costs more then I make in a year.

I think the folks from PETA are usually way off-base but this time, I gotta agree with them.

Hot Potato..............Middle East style.

What are friends for?

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