Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Tourettes guy......

We have a regular customer that has Tourette's Syndrome. I am well aware that T.S. is a serious condition, but I have the damnedest time keeping a straight face when this fellow talks to me. He's a heck of a nice guy, it's just hard not to laugh when he's talking and he inserts random profanities into his sentences.

My point?

None really. It's just that for some reason, the guy's voice, speech pattern and accent reminds me of George Bush. I suppose I have a warped sense of humor. I'm guessing that I'm not gonna be needing a whole lot of cold weather gear after I die.

This article got my attention. I know our club does lots of trailwork and builds lots of trails. Our club does carry insurance but that wouldn't stop someone from suing.......anybody can sue anyone.

Reading this post from a fellow bike blogger reminded me of Christmas Eve 2003. I was accosted by a large dog in our local park when I was out riding.

Not sure where the owner of this dog was, but it wouldn't back off and kept growling and snapping at me and it was a big dog. I put my bike between me and the dog, picked up a grapefruit sized rock, threw it and bounced it off the dogs head.

Lucky shot for me, not so lucky for the dog. I didn't kill it or anything, but I'm sure it had one hell of a headache after it was done yelping.

This looks like a way cool bike shop. I can't complain, we have some good shops around here as well. My friend Will runs one and I shop at this one also. Support your local shops.

Washington is full of little kids. No wonder this country is going to hell in a hand basket, everyone in Congress is spending all day online. What a bunch of assholes.

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Nice.........when can I move in?

Larry The Cable Guy sings some Christmas songs. SFW sorta.

This has been around for awhile. Still funny as hell.

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One hole I wouldn't want to make.

Our son had a series of 28 test shots up and down both arms yesterday at the allergy doctor. He is one tough 12 year old. I'd be begging for mercy after that many shots. I suppose he really loves his sister to undergo all the allergy tests because that was the only way we could get a cat.

What's a little ironic is that Katie is slightly allergic to the cat and is taking Flonase.....

It's Super Bowl time. Who is going to win? Who gives a shit, my wife and I watch it every year for the commercials. And how come the pre-game show comes on 9 hours before the game?

I missed listening the the President's State of the Union address last night, I was busy making donuts. Here's an overview........... I'm wondering how many times he said the word "terror"? To me, it doesn't matter that Bush is Republican or Democrat......he's just a terrible leader.

Nice read about one of my favorite TV shows.

I love this blog post from CycleDog. I'm the guy that doesn't smoke, drink, gamble, hunt, fish or womanize. I've been a good boy, can I have a new bike?

Till later.


Yokota Fritz said...

No new bike, just pasta for you.

Donuts count as pasta, don't they?

The Donut Guy said...

Sure! Donuts and pasta both start out as flour, so why not?