Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I am such a butt-wipe...........

I did something I feel really bad about. On the way home this morning in the pouring rain-I drenched some poor guy riding up Mt.Rose Ave. on his bike. If the guy wearing a yellow slicker on a mountain bike is reading this........ I am so sorry!
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I couldn't move over to the other lane because it was occupied and had no choice but to run through the huge puddle that gave you a second shower this morning. Sorry again.

I'm sure bad karma will bite me in the ass somewhere down the road. It usually does.

I complain alot but everybody in business has at least one customer or one client they can't

I have several.

My all time favorite customer always wants me to give her a reduced price on things late in the evening. It's kind of hard to argue with her about giving her a discount on donuts as I am throwing the old donuts into the trash.

Gotta throw the old ones away sometime. Besides,talking to her is like hitting yourself on the head with a pipe.

It feels good when ya stop.

Played around with the layout of the site-it wasn't showing up too spiffy on IE6. Sorry bout that, I use Mozilla, so what the hell do I know?

I'm fired, aren't I ?
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Are they focking serious? I wonder what the hell the studio execs are huffing........

This guy is from Canada. Go figure, eh?

A web page devoted to dead cats. Makes me a little emotional......... mmmm no not really.

I like cats and everything but they're cats. Cats don't come when ya call them, they don't do tricks or anything else cool. They just sit around, sleep, eat and shit in a box.

Dogs are way cooler.
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When I was a kid we had a dog that probably inseminated ALL of the female dogs in the neighbhorhood because our dog would have humped a table leg. Wait a second, it did hump table was a horny little bugger.

Go downtown and use some of these terms. Measure your life expectancy in minutes.

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