Wednesday, January 12, 2005

9 Years ago today....................

Anybody remember the Blizzard of 1996? I recall getting ready for work and not really looking outside but when I went to open the garage door it trips the circuit breaker because there was so much snow piled up against it.
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I also recall that year as the first that I owned a snowblower. I was everybodys friend that winter.

This year seems tropical by comparision. So far.

Everybody see Lance's new sponsor? I like the way the jersey's look. I went to to check them out and "discovered" that I ain't buying one. $100 bucks for one jersey? Ouch.

Even though this guy doesn't have legs, he still kicks ass.

This has to suck. 200 bucks a year for each TV? Sure hope George Bush doesn't hear about this.

This is pretty neat. This guy makes his living doing this. Beats working.

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