Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I see glazed people...............

I always enjoy watching folks shop as I work. Some folks walk around like zombies with that glazed look in their eyes. I observed one lady look at yogurt for at least 1o minutes. She didn't buy any, she just looked at them.

Other folks race around the store like they are in the Indy 500 or something. One thing almost always stays the same though. When a couple are shopping together-the woman is always in charge. Don't believe me? Go to a grocery store and see for yourself. You'll always see the woman doing the actual purchasing and the guy dutifully follows her with the cart.

The last time I went grocery shopping with my wife, we probably spent 1800 dollars because whenever she asked me if I liked something-I said "Hell yeah, let's get it". That and the fact that I slipped a few essentials in the cart as well..................like peanut butter/chocolate ice cream and Doritos. I don't invited to shop very often.

Got my first good ride on my new chopper yesterday. I'm digging it. It's gonna be the perfect bike for putting around. Have to dial in the handlebars yet, I might get different ones not sure yet. Perhaps a set of ape hangers.............

Here's another reason to use Firefox instead of IE6.

I could do this.

This face could stop a train. Maybe a little less make-up would help. Maybe a lot less.

This is a topic of discussion over on the off-topic board. Me? I drive a mini-van with a small V6. Gets about 20 mpg.

Till later..........

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