Friday, January 21, 2005

Who woulda guessed...........

Last year about this time we were getting hammered by snow storms on a weekly basis and since I own a snowblower, I always make sure our neighbors driveway and walk is done. Our neighbors are in their late 80's and don't go out much but they still like to make sure they can if they have to.

I was shooting the breeze with George after I was done his shoveling his walk (same name as me) and the topic of WWII came up. My great uncle served on the front lines in Germany and as it turns out, so did George. We talked for quite awhile that day and I showed him some of my Uncle Stewart's stuff he took off of German POW's.

While I know George as a frail older man, it turns out he is a multiple combat decorated war hero. He was in military intelligence and did advanced scouting ahead of advancing US divisions. He singlehandedly delayed a German convoy for several minutes so his unit had time to take cover.

George was shot at and hit a couple times and still managed to radio back to his commander what was going on. Is that cool or what? So the next time you see some old guy shuffling down the street, think about this-he might have bigger balls then you. I know George has a set.

Let's touch on the NASCAR fans.................

Have you ever seen such a bunch of devoted fans? My God, those folks will snap up anything related to their favorite driver. Check somme of this useless shit out.

Rusty Wallace floormats.

Pillows. Can you freaking believe Jeff Burton is out of stock? Dear God.

Of course-diecast. Hell, there must be a diecast car, hauler, lawnmower, tricycle, toolchest and damn near anything else for each and every NASCAR driver, pit crew, spotter, crew chief, owner and sponsor.

Bobbleheads. What the hell is up with that? And howcome there ain't a Dale Earnhardt bobblehead? That just ain't right.

Nascar clothing. If you have enough money, you can wear Nascar clothing from head to toe 24/7. My personal favorite is when I spot a couple out shopping and they both have the same identical NASCAR clothing on.................... that is so gay.

Nascar fans can't drive for shit either. Oh well.............

One more link. Tag-you're it.

Till later-make sure you go to the grocery store today and buy everything that ain't bolted down. It's supposed to SNOW!!!!

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