Monday, January 17, 2005

Visiting relatives and more links..............

Like I had said in my previous post, our family went to visit my 85 year old Aunt Helen. She and her husband Charlie are doing pretty good. Uncle Charlie had his knees and one hip replaced a few years ago and has quite a bit of trouble getting around but he does okay for someone that is 88 years old. Took'em out to lunch and had a nice time.

Today is Martin Luther King day, all the kids have off-looks like I'll not have a quiet house today. Dan's 14 year cousin Joe is sleeping over, between the both of them they have enough Playstation and Xbox stuff to stay busy all day. My nephew is small for his age but he makes it up with smarts, he doesn't let his smaller stature get in the way of him having a good time.

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Not sure why I put this pic up.
I suppose it's only funny if you have kids.

Some more of my favorite sites............. Say it with signs. British mountain biking site. European slant on all things cycling.

The Lance and Discovery Channel Cycling news. You have to sign up, but it's free. Free is good. North Shore news. Yeah, I know, I not a freerider but I really dig the whole scene. I'm not sure how this guy got started but I'd like to follow in his footsteps. Must be nice making your living that way. Lance is a reader so you know the guy has fresh content. Another British web site. These folks also publish a magazine. I've never seen the mag here on the East Coast, but if anybody has back issues, I'd love to check them out. This guy lives in the Baltimore/Washington area. I've met him and he's a super nice guy. Does a very nice blog and be sure to check out all 5 issues of his online mag. Good stuff.

Everybody has their favorite bike shop. Mine is Gung Ho Bikes. Been going there since I started back riding in 96. Online discounters have their place I suppose, but in my mind- Service is king and Jay provides it.

Check back here this spring when for more shop opening news, a friend of mine will be opening up his own shop up and then I'll have 2 places to spend money. I better get a part-time job soon. Very nice freeware site from the UK. Need to know something? Somebody, somewhere has written about it and posted it here. This site is better then any encyclopedia once you learn how to use it. Go ahead, type in "Bicycling" in the search box.

When we were looking for a new digital camera, I went to this site. Can't beat it to find out features and reviews.

I am a reformed motorhead. Two of my vices include NHRA drag racing and the WRC. Both branches of the sport are way cool. Nhra guys do the 1/4 mile 0 to 330 mph in about 4.5 seconds(Top Fuel) and the WRC drivers have balls the size of bowling balls for the way they drive sideways through the woods.

If I didn't spend all my disposable income on cycling, I'd be spending it on this. I've been up to Kranzel's RC raceway in Leymoyne and I enjoy watching the races.

Here's a good site for news. Put in your zip code and get all the local news as well. Pretty nice site for news junkies like me.

Till later.............

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