Sunday, January 02, 2005

I missed the boat.

Well, I was gonna ride Saturday. Only slept 3 hours and woke up feeling crappy. Now it's supposed to rain for the next few days.
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................I love it when a plan comes together.

If you want to help with tsunami relief, here is some info. Our company is taking up a collection. Our parent company is located in the Netherlands and as it turns out-quite a few Dutch vacation in the affected area.

Here are some amazing satelitte pics of the area. One can only imagine the devastation.

Here's a video of me giving our daughter her first parallel parking lesson. She's pretty good, huh?

This cat is more coordinated then the one I posted yesterday. I would just make sure I left the lid up at all times.

Set aside a few minutes for this article. Dave Barry rocks.

Rumsfeld has a slip of the tongue?

40 more days until the season starts. If you haven't had the experience of watching a car go from 0 to 330 mph in less then 4.5 seconds-you ain't lived. It's pretty incredible.

Finally, this is gotta be the coolest commercial I've seen in quite awhile. Some folks don't like the way that Ford has played on peoples emotions in this clip.


My uncle came back from Vietnam in 71 and the first thing he bought was a bright yellow 428 CJ Mustang. I only got to ride in it once before he shipped back out-I was only 12 at the time was way, way cool.

Till later...............

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