Saturday, January 15, 2005

Some of my favorite sites........

I have about a bazillion sites bookmarked. Mostly about cycling, satire, and some automotive stuff.

Here are my top ten.

Fark- you never know what they are gonna come up with because people from across the world donate links.

The Onion. Some of the best satire out there.

Landover Baptist Church. Good stuff as long as you have a sense of humor.

Ernie's House of Whoopass. Not entirely PC. All kinds of good stuff from down under. Oh yeah, this one ain't PC for sure. I don't buy very much mail order stuff but these folks have some killer deals on their own brand clothing and some awesome close-out deals from time to time.

A Weasel's World. This guy is from North Vancouver, has a very interesting blog plus has links to some other fine, fine blogs. This is the Big Daddy of all sites concerning Firefox, Mozilla and Thunderbird. If you are still using IE6 to browse the net, check these folks out. Read up and educate yourself- this is the way to go. It's fairly easy to set up and there are all kinds of extensions to customize your browser. Once you use tabbed browsing, you'll never go back.

Castlecops and are two of my fav sites to read up on the latest concerning spyware and program reviews.

I think that was more then ten. Oh well, maybe next time I'll continue the list because I ain't done yet.

I was a total nancyboy as far as riding Saturday. I must be getting old or something, I really ain't up to riding when it's cold out. Sue me. I'll be the guy paying for it in April.

On Sunday our family is going to Lititz to visit my very dear Aunt Helen. Aunt Helen is closing in on 90 and she is pretty damn cool. Her 2nd husband (her first passed away while they, lets say he was.....getting busy) is a pretty good guy as well, but his health has been fading. My first memories of her were when she was in her late forties(this was back in the late sixties) and she was the coolest relative I had.

She has been more places and done more things then most folks get to do. Maybe I'll put up some stuff sometime.

Here's a pic of my chopper.
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Click on the pic to make biggerer.

Has different handlebars and the most important accessory..........a bugle horn. Gotta have a bugle horn to bugle people. Also gotta get a couple tubes, it already has a slow leak in the front tire.

I have a saddlebag to install yet, I also have to figure out a way to put some sort of bottle holder on the bike. It has no bungs drilled into the frame for a bottle holder. I'm not gonna be riding this thing 40 or 50 miles at a clip but it would be nice to not be thirsty. This bike is all about having fun.

This ever happen to anybody?............My wife and I went to Sam's club to pick up a package of blank CD's and ended up spending 350 bucks for..........stuff. It's mostly all stuff we use like frozen foods, CD's, books, a really cool gel/foam mattress pad, a spiffy head mounted led light, and chicken quesadillas.

Okay, on second thought, it might not have all been necessary, but it was kinda fun spending my wife's overtime pay.

I suppose that's why I don't get to go shopping very often.

Ouch. That woulda hurt for a few seconds. I am familiar with that kind of mixer and somebody disabled some safety features for him to have been able to do what is described in the article.

This is guaranteed to be a clusterf*** when it comes out. I can't see upgrading this computer. Why the heck would I? I works exactly the way I want it to and rarely crashes.

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Darth tater.

Don't get me wrong, this is cool but I wish they would have spent the money on replacing the Hubble.

This is neat-o if you are a dog owner.

Registered for the NY Times? Unfortunately you'll have to to read this article. What could possibly go wrong?

I use "mouse gestures" with Windows XP and Firefox, never heard of "finger gestures" before. All the finger gestures I know are pretty rude.

I need one of these.............................In dark blue with tan leather please.

I don't watch alot of TV but I have my favorite shows. This is an awesome online guide. Just sign up or put in your zip code and follow the prompts. Good stuff.

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Nice seat, but for 265 bucks-it oughta be pretty darn nice. I won a Fi'zi:k seat at last years YAMBA "Wheel of Swag" ..........they are comfortable.

One more buddy Ed over at has redone his site. Pretty spiffy looking if you ask me. According to Ed, he has all kinds of stuff lined up. Looking forward to it. I've ridden with Ed and he's good people.

Till later folks and thanks for reading.

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