Monday, January 31, 2005

New world record.......

We have set a new world record for containers of stuff in our shower at our house. We have 16 different containers of hair care, skin care, emolients, creams, shaving gels, conditioners and soaps in our shower.

I only mention this because a 5 pound bottle of conditioner fell onto my little toe this morning. Ouch.

The Iraq elections are over and Bush deemed them a success. My only question is this........Whoever wins is undoubtedly gonna get capped by some suicide bomber........then what do they do? Start over?

George's new helicopter and his new car.

Glad these French cars smell good. Most of them rust away before the warranty is up.

I disagree with this article. I think it's because of this. HFCS is some nasty stuff boys and girls.

This is alot of money for a car. It has a pretty cool history, but 3.2 million bucks? Wow.

This is gotta be one of the dumbest things a person can do to their body.

I'd rather be lucky then good any day.

Mass destruction. How cool would it be to have one of these mounted on your SUV roof?

A couple weeks ago I posted something about how I would spend a bazillion dollars if I won the Lotto.................. Add this to my list.

Check out the KeystoneBiking site, it has a whole new look. Beats the color scheme of the YAMBA homepage today ........(Olive green, lime green and 2 shades of blue don't go together very well :) Thats okay though, it's the content that matters...........

Till later...............

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