Monday, January 24, 2005

Sore as hell...........

Man, I'm an old fart.
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Manhandling a snowblower for 2 days in a row made me feel like an old man. Gotta get out and get more exercise as soon as it warms up. I suppose the advantage of it being 10 degrees is that 40 degrees will fell absolutely tropical.

I just hope that when I am 85 years old-I have some young neighbor kids around to help me out.

I had some spare cash I was saving, our 11 year old had some money as well so we went in on a Nintendo DS yesterday. Pretty neat game, I helped him buy it because one of my favorite games will be available for it later this year.

This had to have been the most boring basketball game ever.

This interview didn't go quite the way Fox News thought it would. By the way, I think Bush shoulda followed FDR's example. 40 million bucks is alot to spend on parties.

This is ingenious. Only problem I'd have is that I would make more of a mess using that then I already do when I eat. Sometimes I read the newspaper when I'm eating and my wife hates it because when she goes to read it-the pages are stuck together from whatever I had to eat. I'm a slob.

This stuff is nice and all, but why can't they spend some money on slapping some armor on the Hummers our soldiers are using in Iraq? Nanotechnology don't work for shit against suicide bombers.

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RIP Johnny.

When I was a kid, I was allowed to stay up late on Friday nights and watch the Tonight Show with my old man. Good memories........

This site reminds me of when I was a kid, the corner drugstore used to have had a soda bar. My favorite was root beer. But they didn't cost 150 bucks like the kits in the website:-)

Interesting. I'm guessing the guy ate more then his fair share of 'shrooms before he went cave diving.

This guy is gotta be the worst weatherman in history. It's actually painful to watch.

Cool interview with cyclo cross racer Jonathan Page. The dude pretty much talks the talk and walks the walk.

Another way cool interview. What a way to make a living. I'm envious. I'm also 45, so riding off of 15 foot drops is pretty much out of the picture.

That's about it for today kids. Got any comments? Feel free to shout'em out.

Till later..................

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