Thursday, January 20, 2005

Redneck Cuisine............

So I was at work last night minding my own business when this guy dressed like he just walked out of a Dukes of Hazzard costume party wants some "stick" bread.

Me- Can I help you sir?
Cooter- Yeah, I want sum stick bread.
Me-Um, you mean french bread sir?
Cooter-No, I don't want none a dat furrin bread, jus sum stick bread.

The whole time I'm having this conversation with this Nascarnation mouthbreather, I'm really trying hard not to laugh. He has a Dale Earnhardt cap,shirt,jacket and a big ole "3" belt buckle.

Me-Well sir, we have saliao bread, wheat bread, Italian bread, white bread, whole grain bead, Ukranian bread, French Baguette bread........
Cooter-Yeah, thas it, the bag-it bread. You make that here buddy? That ain't made in France is it?

By now, I'm looking for the hidden camera, I can't believe this guy.

Me-Well, no sir, I make it right here at the store. We can call it Dale Earnhardt bread if you want sir.

I kinda laughed as I said it, so the guy didn't shoot me or anything...............

Cooter- Heh, heh, you're pretty funny, Yeah that'll work. I got me some sghettis and I'm a headin home to eat up.

I love my customers.......

About an hour later as I was frying donuts, an entire family almost ran up to the counter and wanted some donuts fresh out of the fryer. These folks looked like they just auditioned for the Beverly Hillbillies and they mighta had a set of teeth between all 4 of them.

I tried to explain to them that the donuts I was working on were so fresh the glaze wasn't set up on them and they would be really, really greasy and sticky. Didn't faze'em at all. I think they probably ate the entire dozen donuts as they were shopping. Yum.

Today is the Presidential Inauguration. This guy hits it right on the head for me. Why the hell are people celebrating? Soldiers are dying in Iraq and some Washington socialites are stuffing their faces with Texas barbeque. That's not right.

Now, don't get me wrong- I ain't picking on folks that live in manufactored housing but this site is a hoot. This is it's sister site. Hell, the whole site is off the charts. Sorry if I offended anybody...... not.

I've been making donuts for almost 30 years, this is gotta be the strangest donut shop I've ever heard of.

I love this headline.

Umm, not sure what this is all about. Pretty stupid though.

I like to mountain bike. I'd like it even more if we had one of these around. How cool would that be? A cafe, a shower, a jet wash etc. Those Brits might have some weird ideas about TV and such but it sure looks like they got the mtbing down pat.

Life is too short to not spend at least some of it riding a bike.

Till later..................

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