Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Winter's back.............

Whoa, did it ever get cold out. I was out for a 5o mile ride yesterday and............no, wait-I'm kidding. It's TOO DAMN COLD out to ride a bike.
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I take my wife's car to work when it's really cold out. Ya can't beat heated seats. My minivan doesn't have any of that fancy stuff, I bought it to carry bikes and junk around so we got a fairly plain one. I kinda wish it had a better heater at least.

Our weather is bad enough, how would you like to deal with this? 54 degrees below zero? That's cold. I don't mind the cold other then my knees really bother me. Our 11 year old has to deal with his asthma and sometimes it gets bad when it's this cold and dry out.

If any of this is true.............man, what a sick bastard.

This is better then any SUV. Oh yeah.

This is funny. Reminds of our overnight cashier. She's a very nice lady but she is wired a little different then most folks.

I'm pretty sure I've posted this before, it still trips me out. I zoomed in on a guy riding a bike.

I'm still trying to figure this out. It's like, wow dude.

Some folks like catsup on everything, I like salsa on everything. Especially macaroni.

Patrick O'Grady writes some good stuff.

Till later....stay warm. Brrrrr

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Anonymous said...

Several years ago when the kids where little we were at the washington zoo and the turtles were going at it (like your link). I took a picture and hung it at work for a caption contest. The best caption was horny teenage mutant ninja turtles (the mutant turtles were big things at the time)