Sunday, January 09, 2005

Damn, I have a cool wife...........

Unbeknownst to me, my lovely wife went into Gung Ho this past weekend and paid off the rest of my chopper as a present for quitting smoking 5 years ago. Needless to say, I'm pretty darn happy. Hopefully, I be just as damn happy 30 years from now when I am 75 and still able to ride.

Not sure if a 75 year old version of me will be alive but if I am and I still can ride a bike-one thing's for sure..............I'll be out there riding.

This is cool. I wished I lived in Texas. Well, maybe I don't wish I lived in Texas, but it would be neat to have something like that around here.

I don't belong to a gym, maybe this is why. I figure if i did join one, I'd get kicked out for excessive farting.

Nice gun. Holy shit, is it big enough or what? I have no idea why anyone should be allowed to own one of those. I'm not against gun control by any means, but that puppy is more gun then anybody needs for personal protection.

Other then my family and cycling, my other big passion is motorsports. I follow it all, my favorite is NHRA but I read that Paul Newman just escaped an accident with no injuries. What caught my eye is that the dude is almost 80 years old.

I graduated from high school in 1977. We didn't have the internet, computers or any of that stuff. We also didn't have these. Sad commentary on the parenting skill of today's kids that they need breathalizers in schools.
Hell, if I ever would have went to school drunk, my old man woulda kicked my ass up to about the middle of my back. I know that not everybody has 2 parents at home, but parents sometimes gotta be parents-even if that means being a prick sometimes.

Only in Hollywood. This dude is 21 years older then his 19 year old wife. Betcha he is divorced in 2 years.

This is an interesting article. We have 2 kids and I think they are both pretty good at "life skills" neither one would starve if they were left alone. Our 11 year old son might end up wearing the same pair of underwear for a week or two but things could be worse, right?

This is something I don't ever have to worry about. I don't have a laptop with a camera.

Here's a site for car junkies. Some seriously cool pics.

Image Hosted by
Gooing for a ride this morning with a buddy. I haven't been riding for a couple weeks. I could get the "mountain biker excuse" book out and say I've been really busy at work, my back has been a little dodgy, I had a cold etc etc. I'll just take my whoopin' like a man.

YAMBA did some awesome trailwork yesterday, I'd like to see it and maybe take a few pics. Those folks are uptight and outtasight in my book. They have the skills to pay the bills. I'm a co-founder of the group but all I do now for them is do up the front page pics on the website and show up for a couple trailwork days and the occasional ride. I wish it could be more, but working 3rd shift 6 nights a week really puts a damper on things sometimes.

Another one of my fav sites.......... Much to look at here. If politics or smartass commentary piss you off-go here instead.

Like I've said before, I dig all kids of music. The Beach Boys are one of my all time favorite groups. Brian Wilson has a new CD out, it was written back in the 60's and he has finally released it. Knowing some of the history of the group, I know that some of the original recordings for this album were destroyed by a fire, so it will be interesting to hear what on the CD.

Pimp my teeth. WTF? Maybe I'll just get a set of the "teeth spinners" they have advertised.

Before I was married, I used to ride motorcycles. Now I just ride bikes. All I have to do now is con my LBS into letting me test ride some of their new bikes and posting some reviews online. If you're reading this Jay-you know my number:-)

.....................Yeah, like that would actually happen.

Till later................

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