Wednesday, January 19, 2005

If I won a ton of money................

Buddy of mine and me were talking at work last night, discussing what we would do if we won serious money playing Powerball. By serious, I mean at least 100 million after taxes.


-I would donate 5 million bucks each to my church and my wife's church. They both could really use the money.

-Donate 10 million bucks each to the York County Parks and the York Library.

-I'd give my 3 sister-in-laws 4 million each. That would be enough for them to retire with at least 250,000 bucks a year just on interest income.

Make sure both sets of our parents want for nothing. Neither my parents or my wifes parents would actually accept any money but we could still buy'em lots of stuff.

Build a really nice house. And an even better garage.

Find a couple hundred acres of woods and set up my own singletrack trail network. Chainlink fence the whole thing and charge 40 hours of trailwork a year to gain admittance.

Support and I mean support my LBS. Hell, I'd be in there every freakin' week buying bikes and whatnot.

That leaves me with about 50 mil give or take. I'd probably buy a few spiffy looking cars,trucks, ATV's, a Toro Dingo or two plus some make sure our close friends were taken care of.

I am probably down to 40 million or so, our kids should be able to spend that in no time..................

Swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool. With shoes on.

I mowed the yard, now can I get some? (5 bullets down)

Geez, is this guy a dumbass or what ?

Rap stars must have more money then Jesus. I think the car is ugly.

Bill Gates sure knows how to write software.

I saw this awhile ago on, the guy is fine. He did get banged up pretty good though. I was gonna post this on the YAMBA site, but I didn't want to piss anybody off because one of the riders drops the "F-bomb".............. One of the advantages of having my own blog:-)

I bet 12:59:59 is pretty exciting..........

My site had 70 visitors this past Sunday. I'm not that intersting.

I try to keep this blog pretty clean, but I'm gonna make an exception just this one time.

Image Hosted by
Gotta get me some of that stuff.

Until recently, this was legal in South Africa due to rampant carjacking. Marshmallows anyone?

Screw steering arond the obstacles. That WRC car would have a lifespan of about 30 seconds if I was driving it.

I saved the best link for last. I've never seen anything like this. One amazing horse.

till later..........

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