Saturday, January 29, 2005


I make stuff for my wife to take to her bake sales they have where she works. Sometimes she brings some good stuff home like yesterday. I don't know where they make these but she brought home these huge hot dogs yesterday. They must have weighed a half pound a piece. I woulda posted a pic of them but I ate both of them. Urrrrp.

Never take your car to the car wash when it's 7 degrees. The foamy soap freezes solidly to the car. Cost me 7 dollars in quarters to get it all off.

This has gotta be the coolest animation I've ever seen on the net. If you don't have yourself a broadband connection, you're missing out.

I want sets of these for all my bikes.

This would be cool if someone loaded it for me everytime. Check out the video. Somebody is gonna take an eye out.

This year's William Hung. This guy is bad.

Way to go Dick.

Q-What's the last thing to go through a flys mind before it hits your windshield as you are driving down the highway?............

A-It's asshole.

Try not to freeze to death if you're out there riding. 7 degrees is to cold to wash a car or ride a bike.

Till later.

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