Saturday, January 08, 2005

Almost hit a deer..............

Saw my life flash before my eyes last night. I was on my way to work driving down Rt83, and was in the process of passing a semi when a deer came out of nowhere and ran across my path and then across the path of the truck. Not so sure the truck didn't get a piece of him.

Talk about crapping your pants.

Kinda like this bear after he climbed up a utility pole.

This is a cool computer. I used to have a Ford Fairmont with that much rust on it. Owned it for 8 years and never had to put a penny into besides regular maintainence. It was used up by the time I traded it in.

You'd think twice before you cut this car off in traffic. Insane. I like.

I'm gonna guess this guy has a hard time getting dates.

This my friends, is one smoking computer
deal. Check out those stats.

Pimp my bride.

Haven't been writing about any riding because I haven't had any time too ride since the holidays.

Till later............

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Unknown said...

I once ran over two bears in one day.