Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I like to teach..................

I am the "in-store training manager" for about a dozen stores where I work. I get sent all kinds of folks that are planning to make a career out of baking. I usually spend a week with someone to introduce them to our program, then they get sent to their home store to work with the folks that run that particular department.

Over the past 29 years, I've worked with all kinds of people. Some folks think they know more then me, some think what I do is easy and blow off everything I tell them and some actually learn stuff.

This week I am working with a young man that is mentally challenged. He probably operates on about a 4th or 5th grade level emotionally and I would say that is where is reading ability is as well.

The guy is doing super.

I love the guy, you tell him something and it's like he's a sponge. He has an amazing memory and as long as wherever the guy ends up has an understanding staff-he'll do very well. It almost makes me think we oughta train some more folks like Brian and send them to our corporate office to run things.

I've worked with a few mentally challenged folks over the years and the same thing holds true for every one of them.

-They are almost always in a positive frame of mind.

-They have a different way of looking at things that sometimes makes more sense then "conventional thinking".

-They all are pretty darn hard workers.

I had won a company competition last fall and it took nearly 3 months for them to send me my check for 1rst place. I was telling Brian about this last night in the course of conversation and he said he wished he was in charge because he woulda had it straightened out.

Indeed. He probably would have too.

This guy coulda caught on fire.

WTF? This has got to be a parody article.

Sure glad I don't make donuts for these guys.

Saw this and had to post a link since I was a "twentysomething" in the 80's. Bon Jovi still rules brah.

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Ironic, isn't it?

This guy is one of my favorite comedians. Needless to say-these clips ain't safe for work.

Till later.

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Ed - KeystoneBiking said...

I love Bill Hicks. I have two of his CDs. It's a shame he died so early. It's really eerie to hear a bit he did about Smoking talking about his "anti-smoking" commercial after he's dead from lung cancer... It goes, "Hi, I'm Bill and I'm dead now..."


I think it was pancreatic cancer.