Sunday, March 27, 2005

Actually rode my bike..........

Hell yeah. Not that big of a ride, did 30 mostly flat miles at a 15.5 average. Rode with some buddies over into Lancaster county and back. I gots lots of riding to do to get back into even average shape.

Did pretty good on the flats and downhills (duh), whenever the road went even slightly uphill my fat ass was off the back like my rear brake was dragging. No, actually it was worse. It was more like I had a brake dragging and a flat. Nowhere to go but up baby.

I do have to get used to bad drivers we have here in York County again, I'm sure it the same everywhere but one of us almost got taken out my some dickweed doing a right turn yesterday. Over the winter, I must have forgotten that you trust NO ONE in a motor vehicle and especially anyone on a cell or over the age of 60.

I love the little old ladies with the oversize welders goggle sunglasses. They are usually driving their dead husbands 78' Buick Roadmaster down the wrong side of the street. Gotta love it.

Lent is over, I am gonna go out and by myself some chocolate peanut butter ice cream. Chili flavored ice cream? You have to be kidding me.

Sex sells. Uh, DUH!!!! I'll have to hire some models to pose with my bikes. Or not. Most definitely "Or not"

I wanna work for this company.

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Nobody can be that stupid. Seriously.

You know it's expensive when they don't mention prices. It'd be nice to have just one though............

My old man had a point. When I was a kid, he said "You don't normanlly drink 12 or 15 cans of soda when you go to a party, why would you drink that many beers?" ..............not sure dad, but I always managed to have at least a few beers.

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Ever been arrested for clogging a toilet?
It would almost be cool to have that on your record.

Too bad none of this shit will work when I'm making fucking donuts at 2 AM. Let's have lunch.

Somehow, I don't think this dickweed is gonna win a Nobel Peace Prize anytime soon.

Honestly, I don't think she is ugly at all. What's it matter anyways? What's the point of even having a Queen or King of England? Kind of like having teats on a boarhog.

However you feel about the Schiavo case, this guy has paid a price.

Pimp my jet. India is pissed, they aren't going to answer any more of our computer support questions.

Till later........

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Anonymous said...

How about some models pose with some donuts? You would sell so many donuts, you couldn;t make them fast enough.