Friday, March 25, 2005


Sometimes I question what I do for living much the same way a tobacco farmer would question his livelihood. I make all kinds of stuff that isn't very good for you and I am really good at it.

I have a customer that drives from State College once a month to buy my apple fritters. Why he drives past perhaps at least a dozen of our stores to buy apple fritters that I make is beyond me.

I always hate talking to the guy because he immediately starts to eat one of the donuts I made for him and ends up spitting little pieces of apple fritter all over himself and whatever is directly in front of him. Chew with your mouth closed peoples.
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It's like having a discussion with a front loading washing machine filled with food and the door is open. You know things are gonna come out, but you don't know where and when.

This is turning into a damn circus. Not to be callous, but I hope she passes soon. And the media can get back to doing what it does best. Which is...........???? Beats me, what do they do best?

One down, 115 to go. That's just in the San Fran area. Sure hope they have insurance. They're gonna need it.

I didn't know this was possible in Arkansas.

Have an eggless Easter. PETA is a PITA.

Till later........

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