Monday, March 28, 2005


We have a Borders Books near where we live and they often have local artists and musicians play from time to time. Recently, they invited a local artist to display some of her art. Unfortunately, some of it offended a few patrons and the manager decided to remove it from the display.

Our local paper had a column on the whole thing, and I tend to agree with the guy writing, but I think the manager at Borders has to make a decision. He needs to decide whether he wants to display art or not display art. Art can be good, bad and or controversial and in my opinion- good art is controversial once and awhile. That's what makes it art. It makes you think............perish the thought.

This person got themselves all worked up and wrote in to the paper. Somehow they glossed over one important detail; Borders Books is a private business on private property. They can do whatever they damn well please as long as they don't violate any laws. If you don't like it-vote with your dollars.

Personally? I think the manager at Borders needs to get a set of balls. I saw the picture in question and I thought it was well done but I disagree with some of it's premise. That's my opinion and that's why it's called art.

Enough of me spewing on that for today.........How was everybody's Easter? Our son and I drove over to Lititz PA to bring over my Aunt Helen and her husband Charlie for Easter brunch at my in-laws. They kept making a fuss about how it was such a big deal to have to go pick them up and drive them over to York. No biggie, it's only 30 miles or so. I sure hope I have somebody to drive me to stripper clubs and stuff when I'm in my late eighties.

Just kidding about the stripper clubs.

It was pretty cool to have them over, I have lots of nieces, nephews and brother and sister in laws-and they are funny because they have a hard time getting all the names right! It's all good-my Aunt Helen is 86 years old and is sharp as a tack. If I get to even half the places she has visited all over the world in her lifetime-I'll be a happy guy.

Lent is over and it now that I can eat ice cream-I have to really take it easy on the food intake-gotta,gotta lose 15 to 20 pounds. That means no more pig-outs when I come home from work at 5 in the morning. I hate going to bed hungry, but sometimes............. ya have to do what ya have to do.

My buddy Hank is flat out kicking my ass on the road bike. I think it's great that he is in such awesome shape- I need to step up to the plate and catch up sometime this year........ or put a stick in his spokes. I love going on social road rides with my friends but I need to at least keep them in sight once we get to some hills................

Added some new links from fellow bike bloggers to my "links" section today.

It's neat to read other bloggers blogs. We all write and blog differently. I know sometimes I will blather on about shit that doesn't really matter to anybody or sometimes I post links to sites I think are funny. Whatever, it's all good- no one is holding a gun to your head making you read this anyways.............

On to some useless links................
As if a Cadillac SUV isn't bad's a stretched one you can buy directly from Cadillac. Holy Mother of God, is that thing big enough or what?

This guy is funny. Not 100% work safe. That was pretty damn bad, huh?

Dark humor. I mean this is really dark. Nothing graphically offensive but very, very dark. You've been warned.

I think this Ronald is from Australia. Kids watch this shit? No wonder so many of them are lardasses.

I sure hope she quit smoking.

More fast food nastiness.........
Image Hosted by
Granted, it's not in the USA- but took a good look around at the next fast food place you go to. A lot of them are dumps.

Shucks, people though us mountain bikers were bad. I still like watching those rock crawler guys-even if they do move a few rocks around. It isn't any worse then the thumper trucks the oil companies are using in the area.

This is amazing. I think the dispatcher shoulda sent a deputy. To slap some common sense into her.

More M.J. weirdness. Man, that dude sounds really screwed up.

Enjoy the rain today............till later.

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