Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Now that I have a TV that I can actually see in our downstairs rec room (Our other one was too small) I added up the hours of television I watch every week....

-Monster Garage
-American Chopper
-Biker Build Off
-American Casino
-American Hot Rod
-Southern Steel
-World Poker Tour
.....and any NHRA races

There are other shows I like, but I don't even bother to tape them because I know I'll never have time to watch them.

What I do tape is about 10 to 12 hours of TV a week depending on whether any shows are repeats. I tape all of those shows and sometimes I will get behind watching stuff by several weeks.

My point?

Most people have no problem knocking back 10 or 12 hours of TV a week, I gotta spend less time on the internet. Thing is, when it gets warm out-I ride more and watch even less TV.......

I spent a nice two hours talking with my mom Monday, if you are lucky enough to have your parents around-take a little time once and awhile and just hang out with them. I'm lucky, I have both my parents.

Whew, this is a kinda long article about our health as a nation. It's a good read-so take the time to read it-then take a walk.

Go ahead and waste some time watching tasteless videos. Some are very clever. (SFW) You know ya wanna.

Here's a newsflash. I'm thinking all the researchers lived in the suburbs.

Snoop Dogg makes a shitload of money doing European commercials.

Till later...............

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