Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I love Ebay...............

I saw this bike on Ebay yesterday.

I'm in love.

I used to have almost the same exact bike a few years ago and I sold it. What a dumbass I was. I can't hardly believe it's only 99 bucks so far. Hmmmmm maybe I'll put a bid on it. With the URT rear suspension-it would make an awesome FS singlespeeder. It would be one of a kind-that's for sure.

Other then that bike, it's always fun to poke around and see what people are selling.................

Like this car for example. How cool would it be to have a real cop car? Cop tires, cop shocks, etc etc.....I used to have one of these. Mine wasn't quite that nice and it exactly "0" options. A tiny little 2.3 four cylinder to move a whole lot of car made for lots of shifting.

Drove it 90,000 miles, didn't spend a penny on the car except oil changes and it kinda looked like this when I traded it in. I hated every mile-it was truly a piece of crap.

I took this test, I am one well and truly pissed off shopper. Likes like I better not go near any grocery stores. Oh crap, I forgot-I work in one.

Till later..........

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