Sunday, March 20, 2005

This is an interesting read. While I'm not a computer "expert" by any stretch of the imagination, I remember my first computer purchase and how I managed to screw Windows 95a up so badly I had to reinstall it................ several times.

Our first computer cost 1000 bucks back in 1995, ran the aforementioned Win 95, had a whopping 16 megs of ram and a roomy 1.2 gig hard drive. I upgraded the ram a couple times but the greatest pleasure I ever had with that computer was hammering a screwdriver through the hard drive before we tossed it out for large item pickup.

The computer I am using now has 768 megs of ram, runs at 3.2 mhz and the hard drive is a touch bigger at 60 gigs. And it cost about the same as our first computer.........

How long can a cold drag out? Been suffering with 1/2 a cold most of the week. Go to work, come home, take the kids to school and go to sleep for 10 hours. Did that most of this week, hopefully it will start to fade soon because it's getting old.

I'll leave ya'll with this............How clean is your colon? Yummy.

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