Friday, March 04, 2005

I'm so immature..............

Sorry, but I think this is funny on several levels........

Cows have feelings. ............ they still taste good though.

Had dinner at a friends house Friday evening. He had a very good idea concerning setting up a blog here in our local area to discuss politics. Look for more news on this soon.............By the way, thanks for inviting Janet and I over-great friends, great food and great conversation. Life is good:-)

Looking forward to the YAMBA social ride on Sunday morning. I'm way out of shape but it's March and it's time to start riding. These rides are always fun, sometimes it like being at the base of a large mountain and all your friends are at the top inviting you to ride up as fast as you they can kick your ass.

I saw this on a few different cycling blogs-thought I'd pass it on. If you have broadband-the picture looks really good full screen. Kinda sucks having to sit in front of your computer to watch TV, maybe I'll drag a recliner into this room. Or better yet-maybe I should bring the trainer into the room with the computer.

.....................nah, that's too much work.

Ya'll like sites like mine? Here's a ton of them all in one place. I put a linkie thingie off to the side of my blog so you can check it out. And, oh yeah, I'm in there :-)

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I'd say this guy is gonna be in a world of shit real soon.............

Figures.....this asshole is from Texas too. They sure grow some dumb politicians down there.

Fixies get some mainstream media attention. I have a 1977 Raleigh just waiting to be converted......

He's he's homeless. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

I hammer on Bush quite a bit in the blog. The last paragraph of this article is why.

Now I'm not the brightest guy in the world, but this law might be a good idea. I have no problem whatsoever with tats, piercings or any of that stuff (as long as you are 18) but getting your tounge pierced and then getting an infection is not a good thing.

I have a friend that has 3 studs right below his lower lip. They are way cool because when they are not in-he can shoot water out of them.

I saw this video a couple years ago. It's all staged-the actor is wearing a fireproof suit. Grease fires are scary, I had a donut fryer 3 feet wide and 40 feet long catch on fire once. Scared me shitless and almost burned downed the bakery I was working at. SFW video on a NSFW website.

When is this woman's 15 minutes gonna be over?

Nigerian scammers are dumbasses.

About 10 years ago-I used to play golf. This might be a reason to start again..........

I've linked this site before-still one of my fav sites. Don't clickie if you get worked up about religious parody.......... go take a cold shower instead.

Maybe the folks buying these will wear them............... around their neck.

You read it here first (well, maybe not) Hilary vs Condi in 2008. Courtesy of The Village Voice. Mmmm, faced with that choice in 2008...........Can they make an anamitronic Reagan doll? Or reelect Jimmy Carter?

Having said that.........I think I'm gonna call it quits today while before the Secret Service come to visit me.

Maybe tommorow, I'll have report on how badly I got my ass kicked on our "social ride".............
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...........till later.

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