Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Mother Nature sure is a nasty biatch

Geez, what was it.....60 degrees yesterday and today it's 10? ..............nice.

Anybody ever see these before?
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A buddy of mine at work just got one and I really like them.

I don't think the idea of wearing one anywhere near the presence of my wife would be a good idea though. That and the fact they are ungodly expensive is gonna put buying one on hold for the time being...................

I like this blog entry. I used to have a boss that would stand inches from me to intimidate me. Never worked because everytime he did it, I moved even closer to him. We usually ended up our conversations about 2 inches from each other.

What the hell is this all about? Is nothing sacred?

I'm digging this political blog. Read the article about Santorum. What an asshole. Some friends and I are starting our own blog concerning all things political. Not much there yet-but give us a few months.....

This is neat. It's so cool that the dude has friends like that.

File this under.......... "WTF?????"

Now this is idea who's time has come. All I am thinking is........... I sure hope Wal-Mart never goes out of business or China's economy will tank.

I used to like Burger King.

One of my favorite sites has been updated. Contains political content. If that sort of thing makes you sqeamish-skip this linkie.

In another lifetime, I used to do motorcycle trials but this guys are totally off the hook. SFW video on a NSFW website.

This would be fun but only when it's warm and I have a 22 tooth granny.

This is the bike I have the hots for. I'm gonna have to sell a road bike and my SS to make some room though.....

I've ridden with this guy. Check out those pics! He's a helluva a photog............

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Till later..............


Anonymous said...

On political blogs: my advice is to be careful who you give the URL to. I had a political blog once and, in short order, I had most of my friends and my own mother thinking I was the son of Satan. It took a good two months after I took it offline before some friends would speak to me again. And I thought I was a moderate.

Anonymous said...

Utilikilts rock!

My friend Brett has the workmans kilt. It's very awesome. I've wanted one for years but can't swing the dough for one. They are QUITE the work of art. Each pleat is sewn so it never needs ironing.

I have a cheapo "Sportskilt". Check them out. They are pretty cheap, but great for after the bike ride. You can easily use them to change in and out of your cycling clothes in public while still maintaining your modesty!