Thursday, March 17, 2005

Drill baby, DRILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I posted the following at a political blog that I contribute to................

I'd like to offer a different opinion on the drilling that's gonna happen up in Alaska..................

I say lets get those thumper trucks, drilling rigs, storage facilities, 4 door crew cab pickups and whatever else they need to extract the oil up to Alaska as soon as possible and SUCK THAT BITCH dry as quickly as the equipment will allow. After all the oil is pumped out..........clean up and get the HELL OUTTA THERE.

Sure, we can moan and complain about how all those caribou are gonna get screwed out of their mating habitats and how the environment is going to be all bitched up forever but lets get real.............

-We are gonna be up there getting that oil sometime in the near future, why not now?

-Lots of us drive vehicles that get 10 mpg. and have no plans to switch to more fuel efficient transportation.

-We all love cheap oil. Our economy runs so much better on cheap oil.

-For the foreseeable future, OPEC has got us by the balls, so unless we are willing to either go cold turkey on oil or fly over to the next OPEC meeting and bitch slap some Arabs around..............let's go drilling.

Sure, if you have a boat, or haul horses around or maybe need to trailer stuff once and awhile- you need a 3 ton vehicle equipped with a large V-8...........90% of us don't.

Hey, it's a free country and if you can afford to pump 70 or 80 bucks of gas into your land yacht every week-knock yourself out.

It ain't George Bush's fault we all like to suck on that big ole oil pipe. I kinda think Bush is misguided on most issues-this one included, but somewhere down the line- the drilling was bound to happen. just happened to occur on Shrub's watch.

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