Friday, March 11, 2005

Don't be hatin'.........

I just had to post this link. I like cats okay but, hey -if it doesn't have a leash and it's wandering's fair game baby. On that note, here's a cat with two faces.

Cops have a damn tough job. If I woulda be drivin' that cop car-that guy woulda been splattered on the side of the building.

What the hell is this dumbass's job anyways?

Here's why I never rely on CBS for news coverage. Pressure cookers? Doesn't CBS have anything better to slap up on their website?

Putin may be a tightass-but he ain't stupid.

Oh yeah, this makes me proud as hell to say I live in York. He was just "petting the sheep" ......yeah, riiiiight.

I used to write stories like this for my creative writing class in 12th grade. It was the only class I got all "A's" in that year...............Mr Stein was a cool teacher.

Looks like Armstrong pissed a few people off. I'm a big fan of his, more for what he has done for the cancer community then his skill on a bike. Everybody is entitled to his opinion and Lance is never afraid to say what's on his mind.

Hey, at least George Lucas is happy. He oughta be, he probably has more money then Jesus. My take is that he shoulda quit after the 3rd one.

Oh shit, time's up. In fact-it looks like we are 3 million years overdue for a ass-whuppin'.

Jesus Juice? OMG. If even half this shit is true, MJ deserves to go to "Bung me in the ass" federal prison.

Airline pilots need guns? In this case..........I say hell, yeah.

I think Ozzie wasted his money.

Till later.........I need my beauty rest and lots of it.

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