Thursday, March 17, 2005

Lord have mercy........

Been fighting a slight cold and sore throat for the past couple days. About the only thing that seems to help is sleep and lots of it. On the brighter side.......................

It's finally getting warm out. Which means only one thing as far as I'm concerned..............chopper ride.

Sure, I could slap on the "outfit" know-the jersey, bike shorts, arm and leg warmers, bike socks and shoes and all that other crap or buckle up a helmet and roll down the driveway and do a leisurly cruise around the 'hood in style on my chopper.

I am under orders from my 63 year old mom to make sure I get my 67 year old dad off his fat ass and out riding this year-I think the chopper is the perfect bike for some good times this spring. If you're reading this better be oiling up that chain on your mountain bike real soon!

This is too good not to post. Dumbass of the day.

18 bucks for a candle? My God, that's highway robbery.

You really have to feel for this poor guy. Or least feel for his family.

What do fat people really want? Find out here.

I used to ride motorcycles a long time ago. I'd like to crack the throttle on this bike long as it was on a straight traffic-free long road.

I wonder if this guy is a geek or not. I vote this guy. No, lemme change my mind-I vote for THIS guy.

It fell down.

I find this kind of stuff really interesting. Most folks say......"big deal", but just imagine if you could recreate something like that on a larger scale..........

I've seen the commercials for Viagra, etc and they all have that disclaimer about "seeing your doctor if your erection last for more than 4 hours. Howsabout 2 days? Ouch.

Darwin's "Theory of Evolution" at work. Smok'em if ya got'em, I guess.

Crossbows? Damn.

Not sure if these guys are brave, good or stupid. Or maybe a little bit of all three.

This is interesting. It's also a helluva lot of money.

This is a good article that explains a little bit about how one of my favorite web sites work.

Till later............

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