Monday, March 07, 2005

Still have a sore throat.......

It's about 3 AM Monday morning and I still have a sore throat. Got a bit better during the day Sunday, now it's back with a vengence.

Saw a really cool movie yesterday afternoon with the family. It was neat to see Vin Diesel do a different type of role. A nice family movie for sure. The typical Hollywood ending and all that-but it was very entertaining.

We got there a bit early and since I don't go to many movies, I'm always amazed at the stuff ya gotta watch before the movie actually starts. There was at least 30 minutes of previews, reviews and special features. It was okay but if I went to the movies all the time-it would get old.

I really wanted to at least get a quick ride in afterwards but I figured it would be smarter to take it easy and see if I can get rid of this sore throat instead of making it worse. The way I feel now-I shoulda just took the ride-I don't think it would have mattered.

Some local guys are starting a new blog here in York. It's called the First Capitol Pundits Union. Nothing really much there to look at right now but when we have some articles up-I'll be giving it a shout out from time to time............should be some interesting reading-I have some smart friends:-)

Random thought...............It's supposed to be in the 50's today, I have to at least take a neighborhood ride........sore throat or not.

This is kind of a no-brainer. My wife drives an Outback and I drive a Grand Caravan. Both of them sit a little higher off the ground then most "cars" but not quite as high as most SUV's. Makes me want to get a mid 80's Chevy Suburban for our daughter to drive. Then again..........maybe not-they use a shitload of gas.

I like this actress-I don't care what she weighs-she's funny as hell.

I have something in common with this guy-I'm also allergic to flour....... I wish he made pizza around here. Hardly anyone makes decent pizza. Pizza Hut, Domino,etc ....they all taste like cardboard compared to good old style NY pizza.

I have to go to Circuit City later today and get new earbuds for my MP3 player, everytime I go in there-I drool over TV's like this one. Not sure why, as I really don't watch that much TV but they sure are purty.

Baseball is going to start soon. Our son has gotten me hooked on following it more closely since last year. Other then watching the occasional Orioles game-I was never a fan before. Getting kinda tired of the steriod issue though.........

Pack up and leave? I don't think it's quite that simple anymore. I wish it was.

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I think this guy might be in trouble.

Link of the day. Go ahead, it's worth the click.

Till later...........

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