Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas morning..........

Since I'm an early riser, I am up about 2 or 3 hours before everybody else. Kinda quiet outside at 4:30 in the morning. Although Rt 83 is at least a mile from our house, you can still hear it most days.
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Not today, it's eerily quiet out.

I've grown up in this area and I can remember from the 60's when the intersection of Rt 83 and Mt Rose Ave didn't even have one single traffic light. Anybody remember when the York County Shopping center was a marvel of modern technology?

Since most of my parents brothers and sisters came from rural areas , they thought we lived pretty high on the hog living in the big city. Not really, it might have appeared that way to them but my folks struggled to make a good living when I grew up.

My dad managed a tire store about 3 blocks from where Liily Belle Allen was killed in 1969 and I can remember my mom worrying about whether my dad would get home safely every night. I was only 9 years old at the time, I do remember his car was stolen and the building were he worked in was broken into several times. About that time............he got a carry permit for his Navy 45.

I do remember just about everybody in a ten block radius knew who I was because he sold all the neighbhors tires at pretty good prices, so as a result-I couldn't get away with shit. My old man would know about any dumb stuff I did before I even got home.

One advantage of my pop running a retail/tire store was that they sold bikes. Not any high end stuff but when you are 12 years old- any bike is better then no bike. I was probably the only kid around with 2 or 3 bikes at the same time.
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Sometimes life is good.

This link will make you realize how fortunate we are here in America. Very powerful stuff.

Merry Christmas all.............

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