Thursday, December 16, 2004

I complain a lot.

Yeah, yeah I know, tell me something you don't know already.

Earlier this week I commented on the YAMBA board about somebodys dog nearly taking a chunk out of my leg and someone wrongly thought I was talking about them and their unleashed dogs.

They even wrote out a whole huge paragraph saying that I was causing them and myself angst and told me to mind my own business.

Thought about it for a couple days............. I'm sorry, but I still don't feel any angst about telling anybody to leash their dogs. I think the sign in the front of the Park says "Leash your Pets".

It doesn't say "Leash your pets after a couple minutes" or Leash your pets after they have taken a crap" It just says "Leash your Pets".

Pretty simple and the sign is even written in simple to understand English.

What more could you ask for? ................Angst?


On to other things.................

The person I was talking about yesterday passed away. 57 is way to young to die but knowing Dolly, she will be hard at work up in heaven planting flowers and calling all the men younger then her "Honey Boy".

Rest in peace Dolly :-)

Couple weeks ago I was complaining (seeing a theme here?) about the cold weather. Wow, was I way off-base. Last night was cold. Anytime it gets down into the 20's, it's cold.

The fact that the forecast is calling for snow next Monday means I get to watch crazy people buy every damn thing in our store that isn't bolted down. Folks, this ain't the 1850's where ya'll might not get out for a couple weeks- they have this thing nowadays called a snowplow.

Thought about riding later today but after 3 or 4 seconds-I decided against it. The only time I ride this time of year is when I can talk somebody else into riding. That way somebody hears me when I complain.

Rethinking my next bike purchase. I might end up buying one of these. Totally impracticle except our 11 year old could ride it as well.

This gets me in the mood for Christmas. Okay, maybe not.

This fella needs to look up the phrase "practical joke" in the dictionary. Could you imagine him doing that in NYC. He would be the hood ornament of the first Crown Vic that he jumped out in front off.

Hey, this is a pretty neat search tool from Google. Just be careful what you type:-)

This is exactly how I play chess.

I'm a little hungry.
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Not that hungry though..............

Till later..........

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