Friday, December 10, 2004

I'm curious...............

I think I'm your typical middle aged married guy, does the following happen to other guys?.......................................

Everyday when I get into the shower, the hair care, skin care and assorted bottles of cleansers seem to multiply. I counted this morning-14 different containers of stuff. What the hell are they all for? Gimme a bar of soap and 2 minutes of hot water and I'm a happy guy.
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I especially enjoy doing the "naked shaving creme" dance, that's when you knock the container of shaving creme off the ledge in the shower and try to avoid having it break one of your toes when it hits the shower floor. What makes the dance even better is when you grab the hot water knob for balance and end up turning all the hot water off.

Wakes ya up in a hurry.

This weather we are having is great this time of year when you work 3rd shift. Dark and rainy when you go to sleep in the morning and pretty much the same in the afternoon when you wake up. Just shoot me.

At least the rain isn't all snow, it'd be asshole deep to a giraffe by now.

Cannonball, baby. Ya gotta love that guy.

I wonder how this guy stayed up for that long. Hmmm, let's see........ he's from Columbia......

Ever hear somebody say "My cats are my children"?
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Cat's are NOT like your children.

Whaddya do when your cat gets really, really sick?
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I'll tellya what you do-you take it to the vet and have it professionally killed and then you go to the pet store to buy another one. If you tried that with a kid-I think you might get in a spot of trouble.

Can't we all just get along? Wassup wid that? I know sometimes xc cyclists take a dim view of freeriders but I can't imagine them slugging it out. Most freerider guys I know would beat the shit out of most xc guys anyways.

Tip-Never hit somebody in the face with a closed fist. It hurts like hell. Use a pool cue or a beer bottle.

Here's a real good reason not to do drugs. Scary.

When I was a kid, my dog used to do this all the time. Damn dog humped everything.

Old people shoudn't drive. I passed some guy on 83 last night that was going 35mph. Granted it was raining out, but 35 mph? The guy was an accident waiting to happen.

Here's a news flash-terrorists are planning something involving your local miniature golf course. Good God, how many ass-monkeys are there is Washington? I feel safer already.


Gun control run amok.

Here in the USA, gun control generally means........"Take your time aiming"

An update from my rant yesterday...........Rumsfeld is a liar.

Till later............

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