Monday, December 27, 2004


WHOA! Wow, was it ever busy yesterday! I think since the popularity of gift card has increased, folks were out in full force yesterday.

I love it when I go to park at the mall, some folks spend more time looking and waiting for good spaces then they do shopping. My favorite is when I go out to the van with packages and someone follows out to my car waiting to take my space.
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I put all the packages in, figure out how much I have to get yet and have a drink of soda and make a call or something. Usually 2 or 3 minutes pass by-I get back out and continue to shop and the same person is still waiting there for my spot. I love it when that happens.

This is interesting. I was reading an editorial in Car and Driver magazine a few months ago when the editor wrote that the On Star equipped Chevy Malibu they were testing actually had an On Star advisor call them right after they had performed some high speed handling tests. They wanted to make sure that the occupants were okay. Turns out the editor found out that if certain parameters are exceeded in the on board computer, it will trip something and alert On Star.

Sure glad they didn't have that shit when I was a kid. I'm glad they have it now though!

Like coffee? I sure do but I think I'll take a pass on this variety.

I am digging this site. It's not like I have the bucks to go and buy all the stuff I like but it sure don't hurt to look. I might buy a couple of these. Killer deal.

Nice little write up from Frankie Andreu.

Time to do some shopping.........till later.

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