Thursday, December 02, 2004

Tyler shoulda quit when he was ahead........

I can't believe Tyler Hamilton didn't have the decency to resign before it cost his team a berth in next years ProTour. I still think he might be innocent but now he has likely cost the jobs of 25 riders and at least twice that many people in support staff.

Bad move.

On to something lighter.......... This guy crossed Australia on a penny farthing. He raised a whole shitload of money in the process. Rode one of those once-it's like riding a unicycle with a training wheel. It ain't easy.

Ed Hidden from Keystone biking sent me this. It's an 8 minute movie that looks at the future of media. Very thought provoking...........

I watched the Overhaulin' episode with Lance Armstrong and the GTO that Sheryl Crow bought for him. Whew, the Goat was a fright pig after they removed all the bondo and exposed all the rusted panels in it.

I have no idea how they accomplished that build in 7 days, I'm sure they had parts and pieces ordered well in advance of actually working on the car. Turned out really nice though.

Very cool interview with Christian Vande Velde. I'd love to have that bicycle treadmill pictured in the article. I'd put a George sized hole in a wall for sure.

If anybody needs any ideas for what to buy me for Christmas......
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I take X-Large :-)

Beat ANY speeding ticket. Glue one of these to your dashboard. Uh huh.

Swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool. With shoes on.

Dale Earnhardt has been reincarnated. Some dumbass NASCAR fan will snap this up.

I'm pretty sure I've posted this before, but a cat caught on a ceiling fan is just too damn funny. Don't freak out, I'm pretty sure the cat was fine after he cleared out the cobwebs.

A dog would never do anything that dumb.

I think these are a great gift idea. Like my friend at work said........"You used to get into alot of fights when you were younger, didn't you?" Me? Nah.............

Till later.


Ed - KeystoneBiking said...

As much as I sort of agree about Tyler. It wasn't completely him that cost the team exclusion from the Pro Tour. They had three riders caught at the end of the season... one admited to the allegations. The other two are disputing the results.

It was the way the team handled it, supsicions of "team policy" on cheating and issues like that. Not just Tyler failing the test.

It is a SAD SAD deal... I'm not a big fan of the ProTours anyway. They are just squeezing sponsors that already stretching budgets thin to pony up more cash. I'll be curious to see how many years this lasts.

- Ed

The Donut Guy said...

I agree, part of the problem was the team contesting the results as well. Let's put a couple different numbers into the equation for arguements sake.........

Suppose it was a lower level domestique that was allegedly caught blood doping. Think the team would have stuck its neck out as far to save the guy like they did for Tyler? In my opinion-nope.

You are right, cycling is on a path to self destruction right now. The UCI has gotta pull their heads out of their asses and come up with a different plan then trying to bleed sponsors dry........