Saturday, December 18, 2004

Wet T Shirt Girls..................

Yeah, I knew that would get everybodys attention. I came into the house this morning after work and heard the upstairs living room TV blaring out an infomercial for a "Girls Gone Bad" type of DVD.

I know our 11 year son falls asleep in the living room on the weekends watching TV. Sure enough when I walked upstairs he was lying on the couch.


Not sure what time he went to sleep but he was watching the Pittsburgh sports channel-let's hope he was watching poker or something.

Saw an advertisment on the message board of the mtbing club I belong to looking for "Christian" cyclists to join like minded riders in joining a club. Not too sure how I feel about that, as I believe in God and all that but would I get kicked out of the club if I said ........."Oh Hell, I got a flat tire"?

Or "Holy Mother of God, it's hot out".

The club mentioned something about racing. What about some volunteer work on the trails? The big thing I've found with most of these folks is "Accepting Christ into your life."

Gimme a break.

I'm a little unclear on that concept because I've always believed in God. I don't have to go to church every week or "Accept Jesus as my personal savior" to be a good dad or a good husband. Or even a good person.

Just ain't my bag. I don't think wearing my beliefs on my sleeve is the way to go but each to their own. It's a free country and all that.
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Thank God.

Not that I enjoy laughing at other people misfortune, but this is funny. Yeah, I know-I have a sick sense of humor.

Ever see the BMW series of films? This one rocks.

Why would someone put these up for sale?

I am seriously jonesing for a chopper bike. I'm a sick, sick man.

Till later............

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