Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Just a couple thoughts.........

This is good news if you use AOL. The bad news is that AOL is a sinking ship. 5 years from now, nobody will be on dial up unless they don't have broadband access available.

I say blow.
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I may just make donuts for a living, but this looks like global warning to me.

I dunno, but if it was me onboard.......I'd be asking "You guys sure you got it fixed this time"?

I don't know what these people are pissed about. They are only #3 in the country.

I wonder how long they watched.

What the hell does this company do?
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We need to start a new tradition here in York. Instead of dropping a white rose-let's drop a politican. I think we oughta start with some of the county commisioners.

Anybody in the mood for a little TV?

I have to be honest-I have no idea who this football player is, but I like his style.

Who needs a horse trailer?
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Not sure if I linked this site before or not, so excuse me if I've had a "senior moment" Lots of good essays, stories and art. Read up.

Till later..........

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