Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Starting your own business.

Got an e-mail from a buddy of mine. He is starting up his own shop.

I've known Will ever since I got back into riding in 1996, he is one of the coolest guys I know.

He never laughed at me when I turned up for shop rides on my Wal-Mart bike.

Turns out Will is starting his own bike shop at Ed's Ski and Sport later this winter. It's gotta be way cool to realize a dream and then act on it. I don't know alot of details but he is going to carry several lines of bikes and accessories and offer custom fitting and all kinds of other stuff.

As soon as I know more or get a chance to visit the shop, I'll post up more info.

Will certainly has the skills to pay the bills-best of luck bro!

.................Kinda stirred up a shitstorm on the YAMBA website.


Sure didn't mean to piss people off, it's not my fault people don't follow the rules posted at the entrance to all the Parks. I don't feel any "angst" when I tell someone they need to leash their dog.

Same goes for the riders that feign ignorance of the signs when the Parks are posted closed to biking.

The rules and signs are there for a reason people.

I read Dirt Rag every month and there is an article this month that covers riding with your dog. Good article except for the last paragraph where the writer admits he rides with his dog off-leash in a park that doesn't permit it or bikes. Doh.

He say's that it's accepted but how the hell does he know he isn't pissing other people off?

I'm gonna buy one of these someday.
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Pretty much useless for anything except trolling around the 'hood. All the better reason to buy one.

It sucks to be a guy sometimes..........

Hey Bubba, watch this. Why does this shit always happen down south?

This is gonna be me in 35 years.

Baseball with an added twist.

I's leave a Geo sized hole in the nearest snowbank with one of these.

This is how things get done. Well not really, but it is funny and also not safe for work.

Till later..................

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